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Under 21 Car Rental in USA

It can be hard to find a US car rental company ready to rent a vehicle to persons under 25 years of age. Still, there are rent-a-car companies renting to drivers as young as 18 in almost every destination. Such agencies charge higher underage fees and your rental price can easily double if you are under 21.


We can arrange for you Underage Car Rental in the following destinations:

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 Underage Car Rental in:

 Under 25

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 Under 21

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 FLORIDA Under age car rental: YES YES
 Miami, MIA airport, Florida
 Ft. Lauderdale, FLL airport, Florida
 Orlando, Intl. Drive, Florida
 Tampa, TPA airport, Florida
 West Palm Beach, PBI airport, Florida
 CALIFORNIA Under age car rental:  YES  YES
 Los Angeles, LAX airport, California
 San Diego, SAN airport, California
 Burbank, BUR airport, California
 COLORADO Under age car rental:  YES  YES
 Denver, DEN airport, Colorado
NEVADA Under age car rental:    
Las Vegas, LAS airport, Nevada YES YES
TEXAS Under age car rental:    
Dallas, DFW airport, Texas YES YES
GEORGIA Under age car rental:    
Atlanta, ATL airport, Georgia YES YES
ALASKA Under age car rental:    
Anchorage, ANC airport, Alaska YES YES
Ketchikan, KTN airport, Alaska YES YES


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Let us know where you would like to hire a car under 25 / 21 years of age

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it can be hard to rent a car if you are under 25? For solution, visit our Underage Car Rental section.

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