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Age restrictions for car rental

Most often, the age limit required by the car rental companies in USA is 25 years. It is unlikely anyone under 25 years of age will be able to rent a car from a major car rental agency. Sometimes, this limit is lowered to 24. In some states, less stringent approach is common, enabling to rent a car to anyone over 21. Some driving experience is required by certain agencies, often over 2 or 3 years.

Drivers over 69, 75, or 85 are often also disqualified. Companies renting to those under 25 and over 75 almost always charge an underage/overage fee or offer much more expensive insurance policy.

Small independent car rentals are usually less stringent concerning the age issues than the large international chains. There are car rental companies ready to rent to persons over 18. Practically all of them charge higher underage fee to drivers between 18 and 21 and lower underage fee to those between 22 and 25.

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